Tuesday, December 1, 2009


At last we opened Beth Shan. We have been operating the shelter since March but on Sunday the TC André Cox offically opened the shelter.

There were many wonderful supporters at the opening and they have pledged to continue helping us both with finaces and aid in kind.
This Saturday a group of young people from Choose life Church will be coming along to paint our bedrooms. While they are doing that I will be taking my ladies along to Etembeni where they will give the toddlers there a Birthday party and help to look after the little babies they have at the home. We are all looking forward to a morning of service.

Today is International Aids day and Carla and I were guest speakers at a function celebrating life at the South African Revenue Services (SARS) in Centurion. I spoke on HIV and Carla spoke on Domestic violence. The folk listened carefully and I hope we made a good impression on their hearts.

On the 26th the staff from Beth Shan and Mercy house went along to Church Square and for 2 and 1/2 hours spoke to many folk about being aware of the domestic violence that plagues our country. We handed out many booklets and information pamphlets on all the services available to folk regarding their personal rights. it was a good morning and we really think we made a difference. It was great to meet folk from all over the world as every tourist that came to the square came to the table and some even told us that they were going to suggest our initiative to their social departments.

We asked people to sign a petition stating that they were against any form of gender based violence and they were against any form of child abuse. We managed to get 530 signatures in a matter of hours.

today I took Tabiso to Etembeni. He is a beautiful baby whose mother left him at our shelter since Wednesday. She now has another tiny baby to look after. Tabiso is wonderful he is gentle, shy and vocal. His mom really loves him and she agreed to allow us to place him in a place of safety until she can find somewhere to live and until she comes out of hospital with the baby.

While we are a shelter that looks after moms and their children we are not equipped to look after little children without their moms being around. Etembeni on the other hand is a baby home and is more then equipped. I thank God every day that I belong to this amazing organisation that really does meet the needs of the community. Pray for Tabiso that this young child will grow up to be an amazing young man who will do great things for God and for this country. I believe he has the potential to be a president.

Nicole (my second child) has just passed her first year at University and again we give thanks to God for a bursary for her second year of studies. She did really well and we are very proud of her.

Matthew and Mark are busy writing their exams and they are confident of a pass ( I'm praying their confidence is well placed) Natalie is on holiday with her boyfriend. She is my eldest daughter and keeps me on my knees.

My husband and I are looking forward to a busy Christmas and then a few days of camping out in the veld.

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Crystal Mary said...

May God bless your care of others. You probably consider it your work, yet you are especially chosen of God to perform it.