Saturday, April 25, 2009

Travelling, training and praying

I am about to set out on a month of training in Human Trafficking awareness. Together with Sister Colleen from the Sister of Mercy I will be travelling around to a few centres in South Africa speaking about Human Trafficking and hopefully making a few folk aware of what they can do to help young girls escape this terrible experience.

The more I speak and teach on this subject the more I realise that this world needs a Saviour. We are living in a time when human life has become so cheap. In South Africa a young girl can have an abortion at 12 - without parental consent. They talk about counselling but little is given. A child herself - often raped by her own relatives can have an abortion because we can't fix the initial problem! So when someone offers these girls a way out - out of the country, out of poverty, out of their parents homes they grab it with both hands.

I try so hard to protect my children but you can't protect them all the time. There are times when you have to trust the world to treat them well- you have to trust that you have taught them to make well considered decisions. That's what I want to achieve with this training. To place before people options for better decisions.

Pray for us as we go around to Limpopo, Shosanguve, Durban, and Gauteng that God will touch hearts and place a passion for saving people from exploitation of the worst kind. We have been told that women are used more in Africa then men to recruit the young girls into this terrible world. I want to reach the hearts of those women. I want to reignite a belief that life is precious and that it must be guarded and protected.

We have a huge soccer event happening in 2010. We know the event will bring in many tourists but also it will introduce many dangers to our young people. Evil moves in crowds and young people are attracted to crowds. We have very fuzzy boarders in South Africa and high corruption - officials are easily bought over. Girls will be brought in and shipped out in the flow and ebb of these crowds. If we can prevent even one girl from leaving we have done a great thing.

young girls are most vulnerable in this terrible trade. We will be speaking to young nurses, but also to a few grannies, we have Officers at the boarder towns who will now know a little more about the things happening in their towns.

My prayer is that God will grow a passion for the lost deep within our hearts. That he will develop it and grow it until it consumes us and carries us from one place to another.

I want God to build a hedge around me to protect me from the evil one. that my family may be safe and my children never be taken into this terrible world. I ask that God allows me to keep the training work for the training and family time for the family. That my children may be happy and healthy and my husband a good father and husband to us. That my life may be a shinning light for others to see what a difference believing in God makes.

Pray for safe travelling for us. We will be covering quiet a few miles over this next month.

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Luanne Gibbons said...

God Bless you in your travels and I pray that he will be protect you and guide you and that lives will be changed because you are taking Jesus to them through you.

Love you loads